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Wuhan No. 1 putty powder processing plant was shut down less than 20 meters away from the residential buildings

Wuhan No. 1 putty powder processing plant was shut down less than 20 meters away from the residential buildings

May 11, 2016

[China paint information] the enterprises involved in the illegal production without environmental impact assessment were immediately stopped by Caidian environmental protection department

the small factory of processing putty powder was less than 20 meters away from the residential buildings, and the dust was so heavy that the surrounding residents dared not open windows all year round, and even the wall was covered with a layer of white dust. On May 10, Wuhan Zhiyong office came to a putty powder processing plant in Dongfang village, Daji street, Caidian District to secretly visit the inspectors. Caidian District Environmental Protection Department found that, This enterprise has not "When we decided to develop the graphene industry, we produced it without authorization after the environmental impact assessment, and asked it to shut down on the spot and move away within a week.

on the same day, the inspection team saw in an open space in Dongfang village, Jijie street that a factory building with an area of more than 200 square meters was built on it, and the high door was covered with a thick layer of white dust. It was less than 20 meters away from the factory building , is a row of folk houses. Master ye, a villager of one household, told the inspector that this is a small factory processing and producing putty powder, which has been rooted here for two years to accelerate the construction of an industry wide innovation system dominated by enterprises

master ye said that due to the large amount of dust generated by the processing and mixing of putty powder, his family did not dare to open the windows all year round, and the family suffered from "smoking haze" every day. To this end, he repeatedly went to the village committee to reflect the situation, but the situation has not improved

Ding Zhonghua, Secretary of the village branch, said that after receiving complaints from villagers at the beginning of the year, he communicated with the owner of the workshop twice and required that its production and transportation should be carried out in the workshop. However, the village has no law enforcement power, and the villagers report that the effect of communication is limited. He stressed that the plant has no interest relationship with the village collective, so there is no bias

xuchengyan, deputy director of Caidian District Environmental Protection Bureau, conducted on-site inspection and found that the illegal enterprise produced without going through the environmental assessment procedures, which had an impact on the surrounding residents. The environmental protection department required the enterprise to stop production immediately, move out within a week, and impose punishment according to the regulations

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