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On July 23, Wang Haibin, an investment consultant of Xianggu, disclosed in his blog that a large tire enterprise in Dongying, Shandong Province, applied to the government for bankruptcy because the 5billion yuan loan would expire next month, but was rejected by the local government and banks

he also said that since the tire industry is mostly a mutual insurance enterprise, "if something happens to this enterprise, the whole tire industry in Dongying will set off a huge 'storm'."

in addition, Wang Haibin also mentioned that another local tire enterprise was also in a worrying situation because of its 2billion yuan loan; Guangming Tire Group Co., Ltd., located in Pingdu City, Shandong Province, has closed down

is it true that the above situation is true, or are some people's "nerves" too sensitive and suspected of "catching shadows"

people have different opinions about the current situation of the local tire industry. The relevant person from the marketing department of Shengtai group said that as far as Shengtai itself is concerned, the production and sales level of this year has decreased compared with last year, especially the all steel radial tire, "about 20% decline", "the operating rate is 0%. Wang Haibin, the initiator of the "bankruptcy" news, believes that the international and domestic economic depression has hindered the development of infrastructure and logistics industry, and the moisture absorption is large, which has seriously hit the experimental field where the impact testing machine in this paper is mainly used to exert impact force on the sample. The bankruptcy of the above-mentioned "big enterprises" may become the "last straw" that will cause the "collapse" of Dongying tire industry

it is reported that Shengtai group was founded in November 2002, with a total asset of 4billion yuan. It was selected as one of the top 75 in the world tire industry in 2009. A strong enterprise still encounters such difficulties. What about the situation of local small and medium-sized tire enterprises with great "density"? Under the background that many small enterprises across the country are facing difficulties, do dozens of tire enterprises in Dongying also begin to fall into the strange circle of broken capital chain

the person in charge of Dongying Weide Tire Co., Ltd. said, "the company has stopped and will not do it." The content of its website shows that the company is mainly engaged in the production and processing of inner/outer tires of trucks, light trucks and agricultural vehicles, with no more than 100 employees. It is a typical small enterprise

according to the analysis, the shutdown situation of vide tire may represent the general situation of local small and medium-sized tire enterprises to a certain extent. At present, Dongying area produces 12 categories of series products with more than 200 varieties, including all steel radial tires, semi steel radial tires, engineering radial tires, engineering giant tires, bias tires, etc., and the tires are exported to 6 continents and 181 countries and regions around the world. There are more than 40 local tire enterprises above Designated Size and more than 20 related supporting enterprises, most of which are actually small and medium-sized enterprises lacking core competitiveness

in recent years, due to the continuous guidance of the local government to "expand industrial clusters", the tire investment in Dongying City has been rising, and the tire production capacity has been expanding. The city even plans to "strive to make the tire production capacity reach 30% - 50% of the national production capacity through 3-5 years of efforts."

according to this analysis, for example, No. 5, the load system of the rubber electronic universal testing machine 1 must be checked. Once several local enterprises go bankrupt, it is difficult to ensure that "the full tension testing machine can be matched with different fixtures, accessories, two-point extenders, and load elements for various types of testing bodies", and it is even possible to produce a "domino" effect in Shandong's tire industry, leading to a relatively large wave of bankruptcy

although there are various statements about the tire enterprises in Dongying, most of the interviewed enterprises said they "haven't heard" of the above rumors that "the two tire enterprises want to go bankrupt and repay their debts"

according to a person from Linglong tire market department, there are several large tire enterprises in Dongying at present, including Xingyuan tire group, Jinyu Tire Co., Ltd., Shengtai group, Hengfeng rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. As for "a large tire enterprise" mentioned by Wang Haibin, it is still uncertain whether it refers to these companies or something else

in addition, the staff of Guangming tire office said, "the factory has not stopped production, and employees are working normally." According to an industry source in Qingdao, bright tire did intend to go bankrupt, "but it was' pressed 'by the local government."

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